Need Assistance adjusting to continuing care?

Our Qualified Social Workers

are here to help make adjusting effortless

Social Services acts as the narrator as you begin your journey through this continuum of care. Whether you're only staying a short time for rehabilitation or you plan to call Forest City Nursing & Rehab your final residence, Social Services is here to ensure a pleasant stay. Our Social Services Department understands that seeking quality care can be hectic and overwhelming. They are here to relieve you of the burdens associated with this new transition. In choosing to stay at Forest City Nursing & Rehab Center, you will find comfort and assurance knowing that your expectations will be satisfied.

As much as we hate to see you go, we are happy to see you leave.

Typically, most people hate to say goodbye, however, most often at Forest City Nursing & Rehab this is exciting time. Many of our residents, through our rehabilitation program, have met their rehab goals and are able to transition from our home to their's. Others are able to function in a lower level of care where they are able to exercise more independence. Social Services is instrumental in coordinating the resident's discharge from the facility. They review the resident's future needs and preferences, make referrals to various agencies as applicable, and obtains supportive services to ensure for a safe discharge.

The Social Services Department is staffed by licensed Social Workers who are happy to answer any questions or provide a tour of the facility upon request. Please contact Mary Ann Rogan or Jennifer Tressel at 570-785-3005.

Delicious Cuisine Leads to a Great

Dining Experience

As you pass by our Dietary department around meal times you can typically catch an alluring aroma of wonderfully cooked cuisine. Our on-site registered dietician makes every effort to make each individual's dining experience enjoyable. Input is gathered monthly to adjust menu choices to better match the preferences of our residents. Well balanced meals are prepared in-house daily and regular and therapeutic diets can be provided, based on the recommendations of your physician. To retain your interest, we have developed a five week rotating menu that changes with the seasons.

Spacious dining halls are open to anyone who wishes to share a meal with their loved one.

An enjoyable recovery begins with an

Active Rehabilitation

in conjunction with social stimulation

When you experience the enjoyment that our activities department brings to our residents you'll understand why this department is so important to our facility. A continually evolving program makes for an entertaining and here at Forest City Nursing & Rehab. Smiles are definitely contagious among the activities staff and they are guaranteed to brighten your day.

The Activities Department is supervised by a certified activities director and programs are designed to elicit the resident's physical, mental and social needs. Stimulation is provided in small and large groups, as well as one on one.

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Preparedness and Prevention Results in

Uninterrupted Services

Thanks to Our Maintenance Staff

We have strategically designed a disaster preparedness program to ensure that our residents will always receive uninterrupted services regardless of external circumstances. This level of safety and security may not always be available for individuals receiving care in their homes. Families find comfort in knowing their loved ones are in a dependable environment. Our fire alert and protection systems are an additional layer of security that are provided to our residents that is difficult to recreate in a residential home setting.

The wandering resident is kept safe by our Code Alert System, which notifies staff of a potential elopement risk. Individuals are able to be redirected before they face risk.

The maintenance staff takes pride in their preventative maintenance program. Prevention is a key factor in the preservation and function of the many types of equipment used by our residents which sustains quality of life. Forest City Nursing & Rehab Center also appreciates the outstanding job done by the Maintenance Department in keeping the grounds pristine for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Rain, Sleet, Snow, or Shine,

Our Medical & Nursing Staff

provide the best quality of care to our residents

There is no doubt the job of a nurse is no easy task. Our highly skilled team of Licensed Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants has provided care to our community since 1982. Our nursing department receives regular education and is up to date with the current medical procedures, treatments, and standards. We are here to meet all of your needs, not just solely those related to your medical health. Our facility provides numerous medical and ancillary services that are guaranteed to make your stay with us comfortable and enjoyable.

Effective rehabilitation is made possible by our

Therapy Team

a dedicated staff of professionals

The main focus of the therapy department here at the Forest City Nursing & Rehab Center is to develop and maintain the maximum quality of life for our residents. Our comprehensive rehab program includes physical, speech, and occupational therapies delivered by qualified therapists in our state-of-the art rehab clinic. The rehab staff collaborates extensively with other departments to analyze the needs of each individual to ensure a rapid recovery.

We provide a safe environment for individuals who may have undergone surgery or a recent hospital stay in which they can revive the services needed to help get them back on their feet.

Personalized Therapy Services Include:

  • Rehabilitation for Joint Replacement, Fractures, etc.

  • Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Electronic Stimulation

  • Home Safety Assessments

A clean home like environment is made possible with

Our friendly housekeeping staff

Our Environmental Services team takes great pride in providing you with exceptionally clean and odor free surroundings. We recognize that while you are staying with us, this is your home, and we will treat it as such. Daily housekeeping and laundry services let you relax as you continue your recovery process. Cleanliness is also very important when preventing the spread of disease and infection. We encourage you to walk through our facility, and see firsthand, the our standard of cleanliness.